The Writing “Bible”

I read about the writing ‘bible’ while I was writing my second novel. The basic idea is that you place all of the stuff about your story in one easily accessible and preferably organized location. It sounded like a great idea and as I wrote I formed a huge file about my second novel, but I didn’t realize how useful a ‘bible’ was until I was between novels trying to figure out what to write next. Going through stacks of old writing I kept finding little scraps of stories that were quite good but…I didn’t remember anything about the back story or where I’d planed to go with them. I knew that I’d had really detailed ideas, but they were like wisps of dust in the wind at that point. So I started writing ‘bibles’ for each of the stories that I did remember. It was tedious, but because I was between books I didn’t really have anything better to do.

Then the time came when all that work paid off.

It was about six months later and I came across my ‘bible’ for a fantasy story. I read through the notes, read the first chapters I’d written and started writing. It was as if I’d never been away from it at all. Magic.

So now I make a file for all my ideas even the ones that I’m not sure I will want to complete because, if I ever want to work on it again its as easy as reading through the file and starting work. Nothing is lost and time is completely saved. Why not do it?

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