Why a Writer Files

Files may be the most useful tool I have found for writing. After the word processor that is.

I use files for all sorts of things:

  • Sorting out different story ideas. Each one having it’s own folder. Keeping them easily to hand.
  • Keeping article idea separate from story ideas in my file drawer.
  • Highlighting character name suggestions in my file drawer. It’s nice to not have to try and think them up on the spot.
  • Holding onto tiny descriptive details that I have thought of over the years. Usually on tiny scraps of paper. Now that I know where they are I can sprinkle in those details whenever I need them.
  • Helping to edit. They keep edited pages away from non edited pages and help sort out where I am in the process.

I know my mom can’t stand files and finds them more trouble than they are worth but I really love them, they have saved my sanity over the last few years. So I guess they are like all organizing tools, they only work if you like them.

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2 Responses to Why a Writer Files

  1. ahamin says:

    Trying to give shape to chaotic ideas within is hard, filing is surely a crucial thing to do to help contain the brain storming. 🙂

  2. I agree!! I have two USB drives whose sole purpose is to help me file and sort my ideas and whatever research I have.

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