Thoughts on Food

As I said in my earlier post, I had been aware of my problems with vegetable oil, Crisco and canola oil, since the age of ten. I still ask myself why I didn’t to a better job of avoiding eating those three oils completely. I could have helped myself immeasurably.  Looking back on that, I’m appalled. I can’t understand why I thought it was okay to continue to eat things that I knew caused me problems. I could have used the information I had available on the labels of every box in the supermarket to protect myself, but I chose not to.  I can’t really think of a good reason for that except, I didn’t really take it seriously.

I thought it wasn’t that big a deal. Gas and diarrhea are bad, but not life threatening. I never thought of it as harming myself. Our society doesn’t actually take food seriously. So I didn’t take food seriously.

I didn’t realize how social pressure had pushed me into eating things that were bad for me, or how that because I was unwilling to be ‘rude’ I was making some dangerous decisions about what I put in my body.

I never really saw that food is what makes up the building blocks of my body.  I never considered that what my body eats changes how I feel or what I can do.

I wonder if all Americans are like me before I found out about oils. Do they not read labels in supermarkets for fear that people will think they are OCD? Do they eat things at parties so they don’t upset the hostess even though they don’t really like potato salad? Do they even know that what they eat effects how they feel for hours, and sometimes days after they eat it? Do they eat from boredom, impatience, and misery? Are they even aware of whats in each thing that gets put in their mouth?

The most important thing that I learned from my food intolerance is that we as a society need to take food seriously, because it is serious. Its not a inconsequential detail, its not an inconvenience that we should ignore for bigger and more important things.

The most important thing we do each day is eat. Food builds our bodies and our brains. Food is what our society as a whole is built on. If we don’t know where our food comes from we don’t know who we are, because food is what grew our ancestors DNA, and that DNA is what made us. We need to be aware of what we feed ourselves because it is what we are going to use to grow our children. Everything we eat changes us for good or for ill. Our bodies need us to choose wisely and carefully. If we chose right, we survive and do well , if we choose poorly we do poorly or fail completely.

I know that advertisers are there at every turn telling us that “one little sin won’t hurt you” but they lie. Every little sin can hurt you. Its tragic that I couldn’t see that until I was so sick I thought I would die. I know that not everyone has an allergy or a food intolerance and I’m glad for that, but I do wonder how people are going to realize food is important, if they can’t see the effects of it clearly in themselves?

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