Writing Softwear

It happened by accident. I didn’t do it on purpose. I was surfing the web and found writers software. I had no idea there were things like Scrivener. The website makes it look beautiful and so useful. The cork board feature especially. You can use it to store all your notes and research and pin that research to the places in the story you need it. I spend so much time flipping through my notes and digging through my files. It would be wonderful.

I tell myself that it probably wouldn’t be that wonderful and I’d really never use it  and who wants to spend $40 bucks on something that you don’t really need, but a small part of me still looked at it with awe. And I think I really do want it.

I really shouldn’t surf the web, its dangerous out there.

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2 Responses to Writing Softwear

  1. I think the only kind of writing software I might try is the type for screenwriting. I don’t remember what their names are but their is software which can help you to format a screen or stage play. Even for those type of writing I don’t think the software is essential, but it can be helpful.

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