Gas X

Recently I wrote a post about getting oils out of your diet. It was actually a bit of an education for me. It prompted me to check on a few things and find that although I believed I had been good about striping the oils from my diet there were some places that I was a little lax.

Turns out that Gas X may not have been a good idea for me to take.  I don’t actually take the brand name of this because Safeway has a house brand that is cheaper and doesn’t contain peppermint oil.

The main ingredient in anti-gas medication is Simethicone—I looked it up. Wickipedia says that it is an anti-foaming agent made of polydimethylsiloxane and hydrated silica gel. I knew that silica comes from rocks but what was that poly-syllabic first word? Polydimethylsiloxane belongs to a group of chemicals called silicones, and specifically a branch called silicone oils. (can you hear me panicking?)  Apparently silicone oils are not absorbed by the human body and thus are considered safe for human consumption but I decided that I will not be consuming any product containing them again. Even if they are not a fatty acid, I’m not sure that something that is not absorbed is going to react well in my already upset guts.

So what will I be using instead you ask?  I have found that ginger works. I buy a big chunk of root at my local co-op for tea or some of their candied ginger (ingredients: ginger, sugar). Ginger is a little slower but it works. I tend to be impatient and so I chew on candied ginger more than making the tea. Making tea requires grating, boiling water, steeping and straining out the ginger chunks, but it is not terribly taxing. Both work well for tummy trouble but the tea is easier to get down if I am experiencing nausea.

Also a lot of gas is due to bacteria in the gut so when the ginger doesn’t seem to be fully helping I’ll take a pro-biotic.

One more possible source of oil– removed!

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