The Dangers of Kissing

As if there weren’t enough risks associated with becoming involved with another human being. Here’s another one.

If you have a severe allergy to something and the person you make out with happens to eat the thing you are allergic too before hand you can get sick. It’s not guaranteed to happen but it is a real risk.

I found this out the hard way. I have a boyfriend. We celebrated our second anniversary this year.  He’s great and he has gone out of his way to make his house a safe place for me and my food intolerance. So I was confused when I got sick a few times with no identifiable food exposures to oils. For example on our first anniversary we went to a fancy restaurant and the wait staff bent over backwards to make sure that there was no oil in my food. But I got very sick that night. Another time, on my boyfriend’s birthday I made him dinner and cheese cake only to end up sick the next day. It was only when he went away for his internship and I got sick after our goodbye celebration that something clicked in my head. He’d had food with oils and I hadn’t; was it possible that I had gotten sick from kissing him?

I read some celiac message boards online and there were enough people who had become sick from kissing their significant others after they had eaten bread or drunk beer that I thought I might have put my finger on our problem.

I mentioned my horrible suspicion to him and he since then he has made every effort to make sure that he doesn’t eat anything that would make me sick on days that I spend time with him. I haven’t gotten sick since. Not conclusive proof but good enough for me.

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