Another Weird Source of Oils

Oils 001

When I cleaned out the pantry, I found to my horror that most of my flavorings contain oil, or are processed on equipment that also processed canola oil. The only one I kept was vanilla extract, because its made by soaking vanilla beans with alcohol.  The peppermint, lemon, almond and mint extracts all seemed to be made by  mixing oil with alcohol. The Boyajian extracts in the picture were a gift from my aunt. I think the flavor was not an oil at all, but it hardly mattered since they were processed on equipment with canola oil. I’m sad about throwing them out but they were all open, and probably expired.

I have no idea if peppermint oil is going to cause me harm but I do know that whenever I had creme de menth I had some tummy issues, which may or may not have been from mint oil. There was no ingredient list. I guess alcohol is exempt from labeling. Which would make it hard if you had celiac to know if the booze was brewed with wheat or not.  I’ve been having horrible mint ice cream cravings and all the store bought ice creams use mint oil. So I have decided at some point I can use the recipe I found on the Nourished Kitchen blog to make some. I’ll add some nice chocolate chips and use actual sugar rather than honey. It will be grand.

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