I don’t think MSG agrees with me.  I’m not 100% certain, but over the last year or so I eliminated it entirely from my house. Nothing I ate at home had it, this was because I was fairly sure it set off my moms migraines. I don’t even feed her tamari because that has some free glutimines. But I figured that since I wasn’t allergic it was fine for me to eat them when I went over to my boyfriends house.  But I started to notice a trend. I was fine most of the time but after eating at my boyfriends house,not every time, but often I would have this sort of sluggish brain feeling. I’d just feel low energy and kind of off. Its not really something I can describe very well but when I read about MSG for the millionth time (All of the websites and books I read these days really rag on MSG and talk about what it dose to your brain) I guess the information started to filter in, because I asked myself “If MSG is an excitotoxin and it can excite brain cells to death, could that explain why I feel yucky after eating foods with MSG at my boyfriends house?” I was reluctant to tell my boyfriend that I couldn’t eat more foods. Hes so great about the oil allergy I didn’t want to make things any more difficult for him. But the bad feelings became more pronounced and I finally said enough is enough and asked him if it would be okay if I did a trial period. He was great and agreed to help me eliminate the MSG from food I ate at his house, and low and behold I stopped having those sluggish icky days.

So now not eating MSG is permanent. I am fairly certain that I am better off without it.

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