Vitamins and Supplements

It was a few months ago that I realized that Stearic acid, magnesium stearate and Vegetable stearine are fat bi-products.  These ingredients are pretty common in supplements.

Over my lifetime I’ve taken quite a few supplements. Some of them worked and some of them didn’t. Vitamins aren’t like prescription medications in that the effects show up immediately, they seem to have a slower and longer lasting impact.  I know the popular press is always going on about how vitamins are just ways of making expensive pee, and I can see how people would find that to be true. Many vitamins and supplements don’t work for everyone. But saying that they all are bad is like saying because some shoes don’t fit and some shoe salesmen are trying to make a buck off of people, so no one should ever wear them.

I have found that vitamin C really helps my allergies. Magnesium really helps my bowels function properly and potassium helps stop leg cramps.  These are very effective for me.  I’ve read they don’t always help people but for me they work a treat.

The other one that works is True Hope.  It’s a broad spectrum multi vitamin specially formulated to assist with mental health. I started taking it figuring that it wouldn’t hurt my efforts to get off of my depression medication. I didn’t have insurance and I wanted to get stop being dependent on such an expensive crutch for my mental well being. True Hope really helped. I noticed a big improvement in my mood after I started taking it. I managed to get off my depression medication without too much trouble. Only thing was that if I tried to stop taking the True Hope, my depression would come back.  Unlike with the prescription medication I could skip a day but after about three I would start noticing depression symptoms.  I knew it wasn’t a placebo response because it would happen if I knew I’d missed my pills or not.

Which was why I was really upset when I realized that True Hope and many of my other pills have oils in them.  The True Hope company was recently bought out by another company and they are changing their formula. They claim it is just as effective but …. I think it’s a good time to end my dependence.

Out of the ten or so supplements that I was taking only two were oil free. Feverfew, an herb which I take occasionally in combination with other supplements for headaches, and magnesium citrate which I take for my bowel health. My mom did some heavy research and found some pills that don’t contain and oils. It turns out pills that don’t have fillers are way more expensive. It’s easier to buy powders without fillers than pills. We bought a few replacements for the necessities and I quit taking most of my other ones.

At this point I only take one set of pills that contains Stearic acid and that’s the True Hope. I’ve cut down my dosage by half and seem to be holding steady. I’m hoping that by increasing my vegetable and fruit intake and healing my guts so that they absorb nutrients better I can slowly reduce my dependence and eventually wean myself off the True Hope entirely.

I have noticed a difference in my nausea and constipation issues since cutting down on the Stearic acid and magnesium stearate. When I was unknowingly taking the large amounts of them, I was drinking ginger tea or chewing on candied ginger every day to keep the stomach problems and nausea at bay. Now I only take it every few days. That leads me to think that I’m moving in the right direction.

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2 Responses to Vitamins and Supplements

  1. lucidhealth says:

    It is impressive how much you’ve looked into the issue. Sadly as supplements become a bigger and bigger industry it becomes harder to trust companies at face value. I’d like to say that greater regulation would help, but rarely does that ever seem to be a good thing.

    • Thank you for reading. So true about the supplement companies. It seems that bigger companies have more public scrutiny but because they have more money they can change the regulations/ laws and advertize more to change public opinion. Small companies are not necessarily any more trustworthy and it can be harder to find out information about them. I’ve just decided to not take any group at face value if I have time to do the research. Obviously I don’t always have time and then I trust. Sometimes that turns out okay and sometimes it doesn’t. lol

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