Girly Magazines

I picked up some girly magazines at the library this weekend. I was very unhappy with them for numerous reasons but my biggest problem with them was that they said stuff that was completely untrue. I directly quote from two Self magazines:
“It takes an additional 3,500 calories to gain a pound overnight.”
This ‘fact’ is so out of date as to be almost criminal to repeat. I don’t understand the chemistry but there are people who do. And it is not a simple one for one calorie to poundage transaction. You can’t eat food and burn it off with exercise. “Exercise is important because it generates signals to transdifferentiate your fat.” (Deep Nutrition, Shanahan p245) You don’t ‘burn’ calories you change them into fat, muscle or whatever else the body needs. They become part of your body. How 3,500 calories are absorbed into the human body is completely influenced by both what is consumed and who is consuming it.
“Greasy foods don’t cause pimples unless you actually wipe them on skin,”
This is a horrible myth. In fact greasy food with bad trans fats can indeed cause your skin to break out. But it won’t happen immediately. Give it five to six weeks. In Deep Nutrition by Luke and Catherine Shanahan they explain how unstable fats oxidize in your skin causing acne. (p271)
“Eat more (yes, more) fiber.” This was in the advice to help with gas and bloating. Yes in fact fiber can help with bowel health, but not all fiber is created equal and lots of Americans eat the wrong sort. Soluble fiber is the kind found in whole fruits and vegetables. It’s the ‘good’ sort and eating whole foods will give you plenty. Insoluble fiber is found in grains, legume and other seeds. If your gut is healthy it will pass this kind of fiber without trouble. But there is such a thing as eating too much of this sort of insoluble fiber. It can ‘bulk’ up your bowel movements and cause blockages. To learn more read “fiber Menace” by Konstantin Monastyrsky.
“In fact, infrequent washing [Of hair] (skipping three or more days) can lead to flaking, itching or hair loss.” That is such a lie! Before the invention of shampoo and subsequent advertisements to encourage the usage of hair washing products, the average time between hair washes was one month. Peoples hair did not fall out from not washing their hair often enough.

Don’t they care about accuracy?

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