This last few weeks my allergies have been acting up. They crept up on me so slowly I didn’t really notice. Until I was sleeping away my weekend feeling like I had the flu and my mom forced me to take measures.

I looked up allergies on the web the closest I could come to what I get was seasonal allergies like hay fever.  But the symptoms listed on the web: congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes snot and stuffiness, do not cover the other symptoms I experience I associate with my allergies. I have congestion and burning eyes but my main symptoms are exhaustion, headaches, body-ache, brain fog, and a general sense of malaise. Actually the way that I usually realize what I’m experiencing is allergies and not regular exhaustion is that my exhaustion comes with a feeling of doom, gloom and depression out of proportion with whats going on with my life.  At that point  I take a gram of Vitamin C and if within 15 minutes the fog lifts that confirms that its really allergies. I’ll admit though I don’t always have the sense to realize that what I need is not a nap but a vitamin pill.  It sort of bothers me that none of the medical websites mention these symptoms. Perhaps I have super allergies or something.

I can’t take over the counter stuff to medicate though so I I stick with ‘natural’ stuff like herbs and supplements what works for me is:

Vitamin C

Nettle Quercitine

Alpha Lipoc Acid



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