An English Bride in Scotland

By Lynsay Sands

I was very happy to have read this romance today. It put in me in a very pleasant mood. The hero is a Scottish laird determined to do the honorable thing and keep his fathers betrothal promise. The heroine is a lovely person who has lived in a nunnery since the age of seven. Her sister flees the marriage to the Scottish laird and our heroine is put in her place. Despite her ill treatment at the hands of her family and the nuns her cheerful disposition charms not only her new husband but his loyal anti British servants.  Despite an understandable lack of self confidence she is determined to make the best of a bad situation, I enjoyed watching her manage to remain honest and treat everyone she met with integrity and respect despite incredible setbacks to her dignity. There are many wardrobe malfunctions, scary attempted abductions, and other plot twists.   The plot might have been slightly predictable but it clicks along at a good pace and there is enough great dialog and fun side characters to make up for it. While there is quite a bit of lovemaking in the book I liked the fact that they don’t engage in premarital sex. It make it fun to read and I also liked how they are always trying to find ways around the church statute that no one should ‘bed’ anyone on Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday. They get quite inventive as they try and find ‘not beds’. All in all a fun sexy romp.

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