Difficulties with Vegetables

All of the diet books and health books talk about eating more vegetables but I have trouble with vegetables. Not only do I not find vegetables that interesting to eat. I have found they require more chopping and prep work than meat with much less pay off. Spinach is a good example. A large bunch of spinach takes me me half an hour to wash chop and cook. Even two pounds wilts down to under a cup worth cooked. It is also not filling.

Even if a vegetables cooking time is short, and most are not, almost all require this kind of washing and prep work. Also most vegetables need seasonings or dressings to make them palatable, which can take additional time and or work. Because of this I have often I find myself being lazy and just making protein.

More recently I have made more of an effort and found some tricks to integrating vegetables into the daily dinner routine.

One trick is to make a large batch of protein once a week. Weather it be pork, chicken, or beef a large roast or whole chicken can last several days and I find that because the meat is cooked and just needs to be warmed up I am less annoyed by needing to prepare vegetables. Also the vegetables change the texture and flavor of the meat, which adds more variety to what might otherwise be a repetitive menu.

Another way to eat vegetables is to make a large batch and eat them with whatever protein that you decide to cook throughout the week. Tomato sauce or roasted cauliflower, carrots, or broccoli, cook up well in large batches and keep in the fridge or freezer and are easy to warm up.

The third way I find myself using is to alternate the two tricks. I will make two days worth of protein, save the second half and reheat it the next day. Then I make two days worth of vegetables. Again I save half and reheat them the next day and I continue the cycle through out the week.

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