Sinus Infection Remedies

I have been prone to sinus infections since I was a kid. Whenever I’m stressed out, rundown, or having a severe problem with allergies, almost inevitably I will get an infection in my sinuses. I always know I have one because it feels as if my rose colored glasses have fallen off. The world dims, and becomes more problematic. I feel tired and want to retreat from everything and I get cranky. If I have those feelings and suddenly start having phantom smells, a clogged feel in my head, along with random headaches. It’s almost always a sinus infection. I’ve noticed that my back and shoulders sometimes get into the act and hurt too. Basically the whole experience is unpleasant. What makes it even worse is they can last for months. Yes months.

The sinus infection I have right now has been rattling around for several weeks, and today I felt the first signs that it is getting better. My mood has lifted despite the fact that the weather is crap and I am have almost painful popping crackling sounds in my head as snot moves around for the first time in weeks.

I don’t like to go to the doctor for them. I used to go and get antibiotics but now I know that drugs are very hard on the system and they don’t actually get rid of the sinus infection as well as they could. So I have found other things that help.

Sinus rinsing, every day– Yes it is disgusting, but this alone can encourage the infection to leave much faster. I’ve had success with preventing infections with it too, during really bad allergy seasons. I use warm filtered water with salt in a glass, then I suck up some in a straw and let it trickle through each side of my nose with my head to the side a little at a time.

Daily Vitamin D– The body goes through vitamins faster when sick, and Vitamin D is used to heal and build tissues. So I take 3x my regular dose of Vitamin D. 40-50mg rather than my usual 10-15mg. It seems to really help.

Stress reduction– I can’t always do this, but I have found if I can reduce my commitments and stress I get better faster.

Garlic– I don’t always take garlic, because I don’t enjoy smelling like garlic all the time. But the few times that I took garlic pills it really did help.

Broth– Bone broth is great. It gives the body what it needs to heal itself. I drink it regularly but during illness I drink more. Beyond the extra nutrients and it helps with hydration better than plain water.

Less sugar/No sugar– Basically if your blood sugar spikes it feeds the infection in your head. So I usually decrease my sugar intake to under 75 grams per day so as to keep my blood sugar even and not feed the infection. The idea of giving up sugar entirely was just too awful. Especially considering how long I have sinus infections for. But this time I gave up sugar because of a stomach problem and found that within a week of going off of possessed sugar entirely, my head is starting to crackle and I’m starting to throw off the infection. So it might be worth giving it up completely just to speed the healing process along.

Extra sleep– Sleep is very healing and when you are sick you use more energy than you do when healthy so it can make sense to get extra sleep. I find that when I’m starting to get better I will nap very heavily during the day. I can’t nap I find myself going to bed  earlier just because I’m so tired.

All in all, sinus infections suck and I don’t recommend them.

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