Why Isn’t My Brain Working?

Brain issues are scary. Not being able to remember peoples names, or find familiar objects, loosing things, coordination issues, getting muddled when speaking or not fallowing when other people are talking can be upsetting and a lot of us avoid thinking about what might be wrong. We often think that brain problems are unfix-able and that worrying is fruitless so we hope things will go way or get better on there own. But it turns out that there may be something that we can actually do right now to help. I’m reading a book called “Why Isn’t my Brain Working?” by Datis Kharrazian and I’m very excited. I’ve listened to several of Datis Kharrazian talks on many of the free online health summits that have been aired over the last few years. I wanted to read his book when my mother and I found it a few years ago, but it is only now that I finally had the time and energy to do so.

While his writing style gives me some difficulties, his passion for his subject really comes through.  In the first part of the book he gives a very interesting overview of the parts of the brain and their functions. I had no idea how many issues that we think of as physical can start in our brain. Hearing issues, tinnitus, being unable to recognize objects through touch, clumsiness and inability to play sports, car sickness, vision issues, and even poor social behavior can all be brain related.

As he talked about each part of the brain I could not help but notice which parts of my brain are having issues or have had issues. I saw right off that the oils had a severe effect on my frontal cortex, causing depression, pour social behavior and judgment, wrecking my handwriting, ability to plan, learn languages and do math. One of my favorite parts of not eating oils is how much easier such things have become. The other part of the brain that the oils seemed to really effect was the cerebellum, the two lobes at the back of the head directly above the neck. Dysfunction there is often associated with motion sickness, being a cheep drunk, and episodes of nausea and dizziness.  All of which were true for me.

The weird part of it is that I never thought of these ‘symptoms’ as symptoms, I thought of them as part of me, my personality if you will.   Of course, I still feel like myself even though now I can work out a math problem with less difficulty so I’m not sure how attched I was to these personality traits.

He then goes on to talk about the three things that are critical for the brain to function: glucose, oxygen and stimulation. He explains how each of these three things helps the brain does its job and what happens when they are not present or are present in too large of amounts. Turns out too much is just as bad as too little. This was also an eye opener for me. When I was on the oils, my hands and feet were always cold, and my fingers were often white from lack of blood flow.  He says that pour circulation in your hands and feet is a sign that there is pour blood flow to the brain. Cold hands and feet are much less of an issue for me now but I don’t think I will ever feel as laze fair about white finger tips again.

I think this book would have scared the crap out of me if I had read it a few years ago. Not only does he talk about how blood sugar imbalances cause brain issues he discusses what gluten does within the first few chapters. If I weren’t already low carb and gluten free I could see myself feeling very shaky and probably defensive. As it is I struggle to justify eating the few grains that I still occasionally indulge in but I am less resistant to the idea of giving them up, because I have experienced first hand how much going gluten free has helped me.

So far I’ve only managed to touch the surface of the recommendations in the book. I’m implementing turmeric to help with brain and gut inflammation and considering how to go about starting an anti inflammatory diet to see if I can calm some of my gut issues. My stomach is almost always upset these days. Still I think that it is a very valuable book and I’m very pleased I spent the extra money to by a physical copy of it.

Interested in what oils do to your brain? Read my post about it here.


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