Lip Balm

One of the things that my food intolerance has brought home to me is that I really shouldn’t put anything on my body that that I don’t want inside it. This realization started with lip balm. Most lip balms and cosmetics have bad fats in them. Its not a food so I slathered it on without thinking once or twice and then realized that I nibbled it off and that I was still getting sick. So of course I stopped wearing it. Dry lips still happen and when they do I have some tricks.

First I got some emu oil at my local co-op. Pure, made in Montana, congeals at room temperature, from emu. Its great stuff and lasts forever. I still use it but then after awhile I realized didn’t have to buy something special if I was just going to use fat on my lips. I have lots of fats around and they will stay fresher than any bottle of emu oil. I started using the  lard and chicken fat and the tallow I happen to have in the kitchen fridge. They work great and I don’t have to worry that they are old or bad.

Then I got a cold and because of serious congestion resorted to mouth breathing at night. This was horrible for my lips; they started to crack and bleed and become uncomfortably infected. So I pulled out the big guns. Sour cream. I dabbed sour cream onto my lips and let it dry. Then I climbed into bed and went to sleep. In the morning my lips were happy, soft and not infected. For the duration of the cold I slept with sour cream on my lips.

Why I think it works is that A) the fats in the cream soften the skin. B) the microbes in the cream work with your bodies immune system to eliminate infection and C) it creates a barrier against the air that would otherwise dry out your lips. There may be other reasons too but the main reason I use it is because it works.


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