Goodbye Junk Mail

I’ve been receiving more catalogs than usual. So these catalog company’s will be receiving letters from me fairly soon asking to be removed from their mailing lists. I’m pretty ruthless about junk mail. I watched my family be buried in it for years. When I was a teenager my mom asked me if I could help her get out from under hers. She had done some research about how to get out and it was pretty straightforward. You have to write a letter to each group specifically telling them to take you off their list and not sell or trade you name with other groups. Only thing was that she was receiving 30 or 40 catalogs a day at that point who knows how much junk mail. She was completely overwhelmed by it and asked if I would mind sending out a few letters a day for her. She would sort out the mail into the stuff she didn’t want to receive any more and I would print out the letters and stuff them in envelopes and send them off. At first we didn’t see much of a difference but then we saw it go down by half and then a bit more and now we only ever see two ads a month. Its so much nicer.

In a way junk mail steals your time. I read somewhere that your brain is only capable of so many decisions in a day. After that its gets fatigued. This pertains to will power too. We think of will power as separated from decision making but in fact each time we use willpower to resist eating a cookie we actually have to make a decision not to eat the cookie. So if you spend your time making decisions about junk mail or cookies you have used up your decision making power for the whole day! I personally would rather spend my brain power on things like writing and what to make for dinner. So I make a point of reducing distractions like junk mail from my life ruthlessly.

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