Plastics and Oil Cross Contamination

One of the tricky things about getting egg whites to beat up properly is that the whites can’t come into contact with any fat, even the grease on your fingertips before they are beaten. I learned when I was a kid that you can’t use plastic bowls to make angel food cake, because when fat touches plastic it can’t be completely removed again.

Even though I knew about the plastic and grease thing it never really crossed my mind that it might be a problem for me until I got sick, and with some detective work tracked the exposure down to the soy lecithin that came in contact with the plastic of my boyfriends blender. Doesn’t matter that the blender had been washed, all that matters is that oil came in contact with the plastic once. The molecules of fat are pretty similar to plastic so they don’t let go. I don’t understand the science but Alton Brown explained it once on Good Eats once.

It was only in the last couple of weeks that it occurred to me that I’m still using some things that have been in contact with bad oils for years before I discovered my food intolerance. A set of both measuring cups and spoons. The spoons were no problem. I have three sets of metal ones so I just retired the plastic ones, but the measuring cups were more difficult. They are wonderful and have in between measurements like a 3/4th cup and a 2/3rd cup so I was reluctant to give them up for just anything.

My old favorites

My old favorites by Rubbermade

I found that there are lots of different metal sets online. They aren’t cheap ($30) but I found a set that had all the same things that I like about my old ones. They have a flat top that makes it easy to use a knife to even off dry products and rounded corners so food doesn’t get stuck. They nest together so I don’t have to hang them up(although I could if I wanted to).  Because they are made in one piece and are solidly made the handles aren’t going to break off but also, the handles are not so heavy that the cup falls over when its empty, so I can pour stuff into them if they are sitting on the counter. They are nice enough that after a week of owning them I ordered a second set. Hooray for Amazon!

Kitchen Made

The new set by Kitchen Made


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