Oil Sensitivity and the Zombie Apocalypse

One of the scenarios that as a writer I think about is the zombie apocalypse. The biggest dangers that I can think of would be: predators (including zombies and other people) lack of shelter, starvation, dehydration, and poisoning. I’m pretty sure that my oil sensitivity would impact my chance of survival.

I have decided that its very unlikely that I would survive by myself, mostly because of the predators. I can’t lift anything very heavy, I need glasses, I can’t run very fast and in any kind of fight I would probably loose. Also I don’t have an ax or a shotgun around the house.

Of course peoples best chance of survival comes from joining forces. I’m not a joiner and my sensitivity to oils would make it easy for any human enemy to subdue me. All they would have to do is slip some oil in my rations and I would be toast. Its not that I honestly think anyone would be that evil its just that there are few people that I would trust to prepare my food. There are three who live here, two of whom are bigger and stronger than me. They are people I could trust, so there is a chance I might be protected from predators of both the zombie and human variety. I’m pretty sure that although these three would join together with me, none of them would be joining up with anyone else. Which makes me wonder if four people is a large enough group to make it, especially when two of the members are not strong.

Still I am an optimist, so lets assume we four do survive the initial wave of zombies and gangs of other scary humans. That leaves: lack of shelter, starvation, dehydration, and poisoning.

We would have a chance with all of these things.

Finding shelter would be the easiest. The condo I live in would be fairly secure and if we decided to, we could go further out of the city together and find someplace else to secure.

My past research would come in handy too. I know a lot about wild foraging and have a good idea of how to acquire more knowledge without the Internet. This would help us with avoiding toxins and poisons in our food. I’ve also done a bit of research about hunting and trapping. So even though I would be useless at hunting I’m fairly sure I could help coach the other more capable members of our team. One of whom has some guns and an ax.

All in all we would have a good team, our combined skills would include survival, mending, sewing, building, cooking, foraging, hunting, and knowledge of the area. Yes we are all city folks but we are all smart capable and zombies would provide motivation so we could learn to survive, given a bit of time. I’m pretty sure if the zombie apocalypse were to occur after the last frost of the season and a month before the first snow of the winter we would be able to forage and prep enough to survive winter.

However if things were to go bad after the first snow, during winter, or even in early spring when nothing is growing, I’m fairly sure our crew would end up reliant on food stores i.e modern processed foods. This would put at least two of our members at a disadvantage. We might eventually have to chose between starvation or illness. Illness would compromise our ability to run and forage and basically make us liabilities. It would be a lot harder to make it in this scenario.

One more downside to having a problem with oils.

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