Beta Readers Wanted

Last week was a bit of a milestone. I finished the first edit of “Living with an Oil Sensitivity” and gave it to my dad to get a fresh perspective. He gave me a few pages yesterday and I can see there is a lot that I missed and will need to add. Still, this project is going a lot faster that I thought it would and I’m going to need to some beta readers in the next few weeks.

Would you like to get a sneak peek at the manuscript? Are you interested in knowing a lot more about how to get oils out of your diet? Do you like to give feedback?

The manuscript is currently at 60 pages double spaced which works out to about 40 pages single spaced. I honestly don’t care about spelling and punctuation. There are probably some minor issues in the manuscript but I will do a complete line edit later. At this point it is much more important for me to find some beta readers who are interested in how to get oils out of their diet to tell me if I have covered everything that I need to in the book. Do I explain everything enough without dragging on or repeating myself too much? Do I cover each aspect of removing oils thoroughly enough without boring the reader to tears? Is the information helpful? Does it sound arrogant? Would you buy it?

The beta readers would have my everlasting gratitude and their names in the acknowledgments.

If you are interested please e-mail me at silver_pen (at sign) Please include in the e-mail some information about your interest in industrial seed oils and if you have any experience with writing, beta reading or editing. (It is okay if you haven’t had any experience; I’d just like to know.) Just keep in mind that the manuscript will probably not be ready to send out to the first beta reader for two to three weeks. It will happen soon but not immediately.

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