Unpleasant Side Effects: Body Oder

One of the unfortunate side effects of being exposed to oils is that my body odor shifts to an unpleasant sharp smell reminiscent of onions. My actual skin reeks and washing with soap and water does nothing to cut the smell. Scents hide it but nothing actually stops me from smelling like a skunk and it always becomes worse if I sweat. The sweat is very acidic and will burn holes in my shirts. I have run through a lot of T shirts in my life.

The only reason I know it is related to my oil sensitivity is that the smell gos away after not consuming oils for a few months and returns a day or two after I accidentally consume some again.

Interestingly I have read on message boards of other people with this problem solving it by going gluten free. I imagine its one of those general symptoms related to having a food intolerance rather than a specific symptom of oil intolerance. Which actually was a bit of a lift to figure out. For years I’ve felt uncomfortable and ashamed of my body odor and it is nice to finally know that not only is it not my fault but that other people suffer from it too.

Avoiding oils is the best way for me to avoid smelling bad, but after my more recent exposure I have found that I smell least skunk-like in the mornings after climbing out of bed. If the microbes of my bed actually help with the smell and I have been wondering how to bring more of them with me throughout the day to help keep the smell in check. So far I’ve had no luck with any of my plots. I tried wearing my night shirt into the day but that doesn’t help. Neither does bathing less. So for now I’m stuck in stinky skunk land. It is nice to know that this too shall pass. I just wish I could hurry it up.

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