Three Dollar Homemade Sandals

Update: I have since originally posting this, found that the sole of the sandal was very easy to puncture and small rocks would lodge in the bottom. I had to pick them out regularly and some of the slightly larger rocks were fairly uncomfortable to walk on. To fix this I bought a 22oz can of clear PlastiDip on amazon for $14 and painted the bottoms with four layers.  This completely solved the problem and they are working great. So now the total price of supplies has risen to $17. Thankfully the next pair I make will not require me to buy more PlastiDip.

I have recently been reading a very cool book by Ray Jardine called Trail Life. In it he talks about making everything from backpacks to sleeping bags and I wondered suddenly how hard it would be to make my own sandals.

Turns out: not that hard. Here are the 3 dollar sandals I made.

Three Dollar Homemade Sandals

I only developed my foot and back problems later in life and assumed that they were oil related until I read Katy Bowman’s book Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief, and started to see relief from implementing some of her more simple remedies. (Toe socks, different shoes)

Ready made sandals all seem to be ridiculously expensive and very few met her very simple requirements for foot health. So I am doubly delighted to say that these very cheep homemade ones meet most of the criteria laid out in her book.

1) They have a large enough toe box

2) …a flexible sole

3) …and no forward incline (i.e. No heel)

The only criteria that they don’t quite manage to meet is to be solidly connected to the foot making it so there is no slipping and sliding around. My heel moves around a little bit because in order to be able to pull them on and off I had to leave a little room. In my next pair I will fix that by adding Velcro fastenings to both the ankle and front straps. (which will require I spend an extra dollar on more strap material.) Still they are pretty great and they didn’t take that long. Next week I will post instructions about how I made them!

Update: Read my post with instructions here

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