Anxiety Snapback

I have mentioned before on this blog that I suffer from anxiety. One of the more annoying traits of my anxiety is a snap back effect that happens when I try taking things for it. Several times I have tried taking things long term for my anxiety that eventually seemed to start causing or exacerbating my feelings.

Passion flower is a case in point. I took passion flower for almost a year and found it very effective in helping me keep my anxiety under control.  But gradually it dawned on me that I was becoming more anxious. Which in turn led me to take more passion flower.  When I stopped taking it entirely I was surprised when my anxiety decreased over the next couple of days to nothing. This is typical of my experience.  I haven’t tried taking it again.

This snap back effect may have to do with the chemical receptors in the brain. Many of the chemicals used by the brain to sooth and calm have to be in just the right quantities; too much is just as bad as too little. I theorize that eventually the passion flower started exciting rather than calming my brain chemistry.

On the internet people mention that products don’t work or that they do work but they don’t mention the snap back effect of causing anxiety that I’ve experienced. But I have noticed that anxiety is often listed as a side effect of anxiety medications or herbal supplements so I think it might be a real thing.


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