Book Review: Arcadia by Ian Pears

My mom found Arcadia at our local library and promptly bought it after she read it. I finished it last week and wandered around happy for several days afterwords. It was that good. It had everything I could want in a science fiction book: time travel, cool worlds, interesting characters, plus an amazingly well put together plot that wrapped up very satisfactorily at the end.

Angela is a mathematician from the future who has invented time travel and is sure that she can’t let the technology fall into the hands of her boss or the people hes trying to sell it to. In an effort to protect her work she hides in the past, specifically the tail end of the second world war. There she meets Henry Lytten who after the war is trying to forget his work for the British intelligence by creating an imaginary but functional society that he calls Anterworld.

In an effort to understand her technology Angela creates a bubble world based on Anterworld in Henry’s basement. He is completely unaware of the micro universe but Rosie, the girl he has befriended and who feeds his cat stumbles into it by accident. Meanwhile, in the future, Angela’s boss is looking for her.

All of the characters are intriguing, even the bad guys, but I think Angela’s outlook on life was may favorite part of the book. She is a strange and amazing personality. Partly because of Angela’s pithy descriptions of time travel I had no trouble understanding the time travel and figuring out how the worlds all fit together.

I can’t say too much more without giving the plot away.

Overall a fun read and well worth buying in hardcover.

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One Response to Book Review: Arcadia by Ian Pears

  1. John Smith, IIMXIII says:

    I agree, an excellent addition to the genre.

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