It’s Just Too Difficult

Over the years I’ve noticed a contingent of mail that I receive reads like this:

“Thank you for writing about your problem with oils, now that I’ve read about it I’m sure this is my problem too! I have been so sick for so many years its such a relief to finally understand what my problem might be. But there is no way that I could possibly eat oil free, it’s just far too difficult.”

I feel really especially bad for people who say this. Because I know that if industrial seed oils really are their problem (or even if just one oil is their problem) the fact that they will not stop eating what makes them sick will cause them to stay sick and make their lives miserable.

I write this for them. I know the effort to avoid oils seems enormous. I really do. But look at it this way:

If industrial seed oils make you sick. You can’t afford to eat them. You can’t afford to drag yourself you work with low grade infections like colds and flues, passing them on to your co-workers. You can’t afford the physical weakness that illness adds to your body causing tendinitis, and possible strains and injury’s. You can’t afford to spend all your time off curled up on the bathroom floor or in bed. You can’t afford to miss your friends and families social events. You can’t afford to drive around half conscious in your car, threatening accidents that could harm yourself or others. You can’t afford to miss out on the things that you could do if you weren’t sick and wandering zombie like through your life.

I didn’t stop eating oils cold turkey. It took me years to get to the point where I can avoid exposure for months at a time. I still get exposed to oils accidentally, but even so I can say that avoiding oils is completely worth it. My health is worth it. My life is worth it. And if you have an oil sensitivity, your life is worth it too.

Avoiding oils is a process, not a life sentence. Learning how to eat oil free is a skill and although it is work to learn, it is a great source of satisfaction. The benefits of feeling healthy and avoiding illness are worth all of the frustrations of label reading and cooking at home. Please don’t give up without even trying. Give living oil free a try before saying it’s a lost cause.

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3 Responses to It’s Just Too Difficult

  1. Amanda says:

    Everyone I know says “I couldn’t do it…I don’t know how you can” I tell them the same thing….if you know what feels good, you don’t want to go back to feeling constantly bad. I still miss fried chicken skin and french fries and potato chips. Now I just make my own baked chips, fries (with butter) and sniff other peoples fried chicken skin (but would NEVER eat it again). Feeling good finally became normal and I am happy with the new normal. Good luck to all my oil-intolerant friends!

  2. Jayne says:

    So good to read these stories about oil intolerance. I’m in the process of keeping a food diary to see what exactly is causing my awful stomach cramps with diarrhoea. I have been wondering if olive oil might be to blame. Thanks for writing about this.

    • Thank you for commenting. Keep in mind as you try to figure out your problem that many olive oils are contaminated with other oils and that ‘Vegetable oil’ is often a catch all term too. I’m so glad that my blog has been helpful to you.

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