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This post was written by John Smith. Check out his blog at

I have never been a guest blogger before; I can barely keep up with my own writings, but when my daughter asked me to cover for her blog during the child process I could not say no. It will pad out my limited teaching and standing up in front of an audience reading poetry experience.

Besides, since this blog has to do with writing and her oil sensitivities, I have to take some of the responsibility for both. We may never know if it was nature or nurture.

This is a poem that was written a very long time ago. It has been published in several spots through the years, but it seems appropriate as it was written when she was in her first year of living, and I was in my first year of parenting. This poem actually split an award for that year.

I hope you like it, and it does no discredit to her blog.


One day, I was changing my daughter’s diaper

When a dog began to howl. Just the mad howl

of a pent-up dog, but we both stopped breathing.

When I looked down at her again

I could see the wonder in her slack jaw,

the fear in her alexandrine eyes.

The shivering in my own spine had just

subsided when I told her “dau”

which is her word for dog. She took

the idea quickly and fear was gone

leaving only the wonder in her mouth.

It was then that I told her “werewolf”.

Someday, she will shiver in the daylight.

This post was written by John Smith, IIMXIII . You can check out his blog at

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