When I first figured out my problem with oils back in 2011, I would often mess up and eat things with oils in them by accident. I had no idea how hard processed oils were to avoid and every time I screwed up I would get sick. It seemed as if I would get sicker each time too. Over the past five years I have not only gotten much better at avoiding oils but I also have gotten better at treating my body after I make mistakes. Nothing really eliminates the sickness completely but I’m grateful for any reduction in symptoms.

As soon I know I have an exposure I start treating myself. The sooner the better. In fact all of the herbs and vitamins I mention in this post work best if taken at the time of exposure, often cutting the cramping and intestinal symptoms down significantly. Unfortunately, I often won’t know I’ve been exposed until 24 hours later when I feel the worst symptoms come on. Amazingly all of these herbs will still help, just not nearly as much.

If I could only have two supplements in my first aid kit, Vitamin C and Alpha lipoic are what I would want to have with me, and if I could only have one, alpha lipoic acid would be my first choice. Just to give an idea of how good this stuff is, alpha lipoic acid still helps even if it comes with oil derivatives. Alpha lipoic acid alone can help with the dizziness, malaise, body ache, stomach cramps, and anxiety, but it works even better if I take it paired with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with the allergy symptoms that also happen the hives, fever, runny noise, headache and burning eyes. I take one pill of alpha paired with one pill of vitamin C every hour after exposure until I notice a decrease in symptoms and then I only take doses to minimize symptoms. This means I can go through quite a few pills after an exposure. The better I feel the less I take. Both are supposed to be very safe and I have not noticed any side effects from this cocktail and I can definitely tell when I have taken a dose because  my symptoms ease up considerably. All of the brands of pills that I can buy have fillers with oil derivatives in them.  So I buy both my alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C in a bulk powder and stuff my own zero size capsules, because taking alpha lipoic acid without a pill feels much like swallowing burning cayenne pepper and vitamin C without pills is very tart. Alpha lipoic is pretty corrosive to plastic and metal too so I always use ceramics, wood and glass bowls and implements when making my pills.

One size zero pill is approximately 500mg of vitamin C and 450mg of alpha lipoic acid.

I have found a few other things that also help. Ginger tea can help calm the whole digestive tract, making the nausea, stomach pain, gas and diarrhea better. I also sometimes add fresh turmeric to the tea because it has anti inflammatory properties and it tastes rather nice. I sometimes take both ginger and turmeric in dried capsule form too. It seems to work just as well but I have to take more of it.

Another herb that I have used with success for calming the digestive tract is slippery elm tea. It is very unpleasant to drink when nauseous but it works fairly well for the stomach and intestinal symptoms.

Exposures are never pleasant and usually are fairly life disrupting but I find that if I treat myself right away I can reduce the unpleasantness quite a bit which is very nice.

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