Homemade Evaporated Milk

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is Pumpkin pie. The recipe we use calls for evaporated milk. Unfortunately this year I realized that all evaporated milk contains vitamin D. Vitamin D is usually, although not always, suspended in vegetable oil.  I had hoped that the fancy organic stuff I can get at my co-op that tastes a thousand times better than the swill you can buy at the regular grocery store might not have it but no luck, so I looked up how to make evaporated milk online. It was fairly simple: evaporate milk to about half its former volume.  So his year I decided to try it.

It was simple but it was also the most tedious thing I’ve ever done. It took two hours of constant stirring to reduce three cups to two cups at which point I gave up and used the milk only partially reduced. The amazing thing was that the pie turned out tasting better than any pumpkin pie I’ve made before. In fact it was so good I might actually do it again but I won’t try and reduce it to half its volume. Just till it thickens.

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2 Responses to Homemade Evaporated Milk

  1. I make a vegan pumkin pie using silk tofu, served it to guests, no one knew the difference, tasted good.

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