Styes and Allergies

I wrote about my alpha lipoic/vitamin-C cocktail that I take to avert (or at least cushion) allergic reactions in a post a few weeks ago. I had the opportunity to see it work for a friend of mine last week.

My friend is prone to styes. These are somewhat like enormous zits that form in the lid of the eye, without ever coming to a head. A pouch or nodule of pus forms and although they are not usually painful, they can get enormous and can itch uncomfortably. My friend mentioned that she felt another stye forming the other day, so I told her that I had read styes might be caused by allergies. Specifically that some people seemed to get them when exposed to things they were allergic to and how I had not had them when I was younger but only as I had gotten older after exposures to oils.

She told me that all of the doctors she had consulted implied that styes are caused by bacteria and that it was very important to keep her eyes scrupulously clean. She was very frustrated with this advice. For years she had been fine with basic facial hygiene, only to suddenly form stye after stye, even though she dutifully followed the doctors advice to wash very carefully twice a day with special eye soap.

She had some success at reducing the number of styes by taking bilberry supplements but every once in awhile she would have another outbreak, seemingly out of the blue, so she was very interested in the allergy theory.

So when I spoke to her later in the week she was very excited: she had used my allergy cocktail and the stye she had been sure was forming never appeared.

While it is not conclusive that my friend was going to have a stye or that my allergy cocktail actually prevented the stye, I find this to be very positive news. I’m hopeful I can use this to avoid the next stye that tries to form on my own face. I would very much like to avoid having another stye. They take months to heal and don’t look very nice at all.

I would be very interested to know if my allergy cocktail has helped anyone else with odd allergy symptoms or reactions to foods.


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