For Dry Skin

I’ve been asked if moisturizing lotions or medicinal creams are an issue for me. The answer to that is no and then again yes. When an industrial seed oil comes in contact with my skin, I seem to be fine. There is no reaction that I can see. However the skin of my hands and other parts of my body often can transfer traces of oil to my mouth. Unfortunately it only takes a trace of oil to make me very ill so to a great extent I try and avoid using anything with industrial seed oils in it on my skin, especially my hands and lips. I still use antibiotic ointment and anti itch and rash creams sometimes when I can’t avoid it but I have to make a special point of washing well and keeping my hands away from my face which can be a little nerve wracking. For general moisturizing and the eczema that started after I gave birth I use a home made salve infused with comfrey. It works very well and calms much of the redness within minutes of application.

Comfrey is an herb with a history of use in treating wounds. It helps with inflammation and bruising. Lately there has been a lot or buzz about it containing toxins that are hard on the liver and that in large quantity’s can cause poisoning and death. It doesn’t look like there has actually been any poisonings from actual herb consumption but safe is better than sorry so I only use comfrey externally.


  • One heaping teaspoon dried comfrey
  • 1/4 cup beef tallow, duck fat or lard

Place the comfrey and fat in a small heat proof bowl. Place the bowl in a crock pot on low until the fat has melted 20 to 45 minutes. At this point you can either strain out the comfrey leaf particles for a less strong salve or allow to cool completely before reheating and straining later for a stronger salve. Apply as needed to skin.

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