Dementia and Vegetable Oils

One of my readers kindly emailed me a link to this article.  It mostly quotes Dr Shanahan and talks about research linking vegetable oils to dementia and migraines. The article does not link directly to the research unfortunately. Still I’m a big fan of Dr. Shanahan’s book “Deep Nutrition”. Which I recommend anyone who has a problem with oils read, just because it really explains what oils do in the body. But I don’t remember Dr Shanahan talking about a link with migraines before. I might need to read it again.

I did like the quote from her about quitting eating vegetable oil saying. “I would encourage people to take a seven day challenge and they’ll realize it’s in everything and that’s the problem. If you get rid of it, your taste buds will wake up a little bit, you’ll taste food the way it’s supposed to taste and you’ll see improvement. You’ll have more energy.” I certainly found that to be true in my life.

At the end of the Daily Mail article I found a link to a New York Times article on the same topic. They also quote Dr Shanahan saying ““Oxidative stress disrupts the function of the brain, so the cells cannot do their normal housekeeping,” in her opinion, which allows plaque to build up in the brain.

““The No. 1 symptom someone would feel is migraines,” she believes, adding that most people would experience general brain fog and fatigue after consuming vegetable oils. “They don’t realize how poorly they were thinking until they’re off this stuff.””

It’s really interesting to be reading about the damage that oils cause in mainstream publications. I wrote about my own brain issues in a post called Can Oils Mess with Your Brain

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