Pop Quiz-Are you accidentally eating vegetable oils?

1) Do you take vitamins? Yes/No

2) Do you drink fortified milk? Yes/No

3) Do you eat at restaurants or friends houses? Yes/No

4) Do you drink soft drinks or juice? Yes/No

5) Do you accept and eat candy in social situations? Yes/No

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is likely that you are unknowingly eating vegetable oils. In most of these situations there are vegetable oils that are not labeled. Vitamins often contain magnesium stearate, a vegetable oil derivative, but also other fat soluble vitamins such as A, D and E can be made from or carried by vegetable oils. Sometimes oils are listed and sometimes not. Those same vitamins are used to fortify foods including milk. The oils that are used to make the vitamins are not required to be listed on the label.

When it comes to products it seems that labels should list everything in it but unfortunately that is not the case with soft drinks and juice. The term ‘flavoring’ is a tip off that there are unlisted ingredients but often a label will simply use the term ‘oranges’, when what they mean is that orange peels were processed into oils and then put back in to the juice to flavor it.

Obviously when you didn’t make a food yourself it is difficult to know whats in it. Don’t expect friends and family to warn you about oils, even if they know you are avoiding them. Be sure to ask questions and kindly reject food that is possibly contaminated or even of unknown origin.

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2 Responses to Pop Quiz-Are you accidentally eating vegetable oils?

  1. Sherry says:

    My allergy is bad enough that I can’t touch or smell canola oil without getting a reaction. For those that in the same boat, watch it for makeup too. Makeup does not list it on most of it so I’ve learned the hard way. O.o

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