Fats and Breastfeeding

It’s always nice to find out you have been doing something right.

I have been reading a book called Mother’s Food. In it the author, Hilary Jacobson, talks about the importance of the fats a mother consumes during breastfeeding. Turns out that the way I eat, because of my oil sensitivity, is good for both breastfeeding moms and babies. I eat lots of animal fats and no processed vegetable oils.

She says that mothers need to eat enough saturated fat along with some Omega three and six fats in good ratios during breastfeeding because they are important for baby’s development. Without enough of the the right fats a baby’s immune system and brain cannot develop properly. Because fats are so important, a mother’s body will prioritize giving her infant fats in breast milk. If a mother isn’t consuming enough of the right fats the body will try to function without. When a mother goes without these important fats she is less resilient and can experience depression and anxiety. Not having enough fat in the diet can lead to low milk production. She also has a list of symptoms of not consuming enough omega fats, I exhibited quite a few of them.  I doubled my dose of fish oil and I am doing quite a bit better.

Even more interesting the book mentions a study that showed how consumption of vegetable oils, specifically margarine,  during breastfeeding may lead babies to develop allergies later in life. If it’s true, it might explain the surge in allergies and food sensitivities in recent years. What made it confusing for me was when the author stated plainly that it’s not so important if mothers eat the wrong kinds of fat as long as they eat enough of the good fats.  Not only was I a little unclear about what exactly she meant by ‘the wrong kind’ of fats, I would think that it is important to avoid fats that cause allergies. I really need to find her original sources to read. Perhaps then I’ll understand what sounds like a contradiction.

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