Butter Additives?

Last week I posted about synthetic antioxidants. Every online article warns that they can be found in butter but unhelpfully says nothing more about it.

After much research I could find nothing about if synthetic antioxidants are allowed to be used in butter without being listed in the US.  But I did find an article by Cook’s Illustrated that claimed that natural flavoring was usually added to unsalted butter to help with the bland taste. The flavoring used was the same stuff used to make microwavable popcorn taste buttery. I looked up the chemical used in popcorn: diacetyl gallate.

Diacetyl gallate is a synthetic antioxidant so I eventually came to the conclusion that this may be what the articles were talking about. I have found natural flavoring listed on butter at my grocery store and avoided it on the off chance that it concealed something bad for me. I really hope this is what they meant because I don’t want to be eating that stuff.

If anyone knows different please let me know.

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