The Malingering Myth

After I am exposed to oils I often don’t feel up to par for a long time, sometimes months. Although the acute symptoms have gone, the more subtle problems will linger.

Often I feel guilty because these troubles interfere with the things that I need to do and also what I want to accomplish. I need extra sleep, extra downtime, or even to eat at inopportune moments and end up postponing rescheduling or even canceling events or activities that are too taxing. I chafe at my body’s need for extra care and attention. At times I wonder if I am broken or useless. I really try not to let these self defeating thoughts take over but it’s understandable that they pop up. Our society has little patience with illness. It is assumed that in order to require rest you have to have real measurable symptoms such as a fever to need time out. Malaise or weakness is just malingering.

Admit to tiredness and people will most likely recommend coffee not sleep. In the short term maybe a person can function on stimulants but in the long run it’s possibly the worst thing that a sick person can do to themselves. Even if a person is only run down, stressing the body out more is hardly going to make it better.

When a body has trouble with oils, oil exposure is a huge stressor. It is not malingering to take time out when sick. Although social pressure makes us doubt our less obvious symptoms, it’s important to support ourselves and take it easy after an oil exposure. Sometimes for quite a bit longer than we might imagine. Be kind to yourself and take the time you need.

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4 Responses to The Malingering Myth

  1. Good advice! Be kind to yourself.

  2. Becky says:

    Do you drink kefir or take probiotics? I’ve find they make a huge difference for me when I’m exposed to oils. The time I feel sick is cut down to hours or just a day or two instead of days or weeks if I drink a bit of kefir a few times a day. There are some amazing studies coming out of Stanford’s allergy research center and Chicago’s Lurie Children’s hospital that show gut bacteria really affect allergy. Important for your baby too, as my kids all “caught” my oil intolerance/allergy!

    • I do drink a probiotic lemonade but I haven’t tried kefir. I know that probiotics really help me with allergys generally but I haven’t tried them specifically for my oil exposure. Next time I will. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Marcia says:

    Went to a surprise luncheon where everything was deep fried. The next day I had to cancel all my plans for the day. I felt awful, and slept most of the day. Couldn’t believe how sick I was. Really appreciated your June article, Thanks, Marcia

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