Mastitis Care for Nursing Moms –Book Review

I read “Mastitis Care for Nursing Moms: What They Don’t Tell You (but Should!)” by Shannon Devaney when I first started nursing because a friend of mine shared with me a horrific story about mastitis and I wanted to know everything I could. After I read it I felt a lot more confident about dealing with mastitis if it came up.

Then last month I found myself with mastitis and I am even more grateful I read the book. I immediately started following the advice in her book. I was feeling better within a day of starting  treatment. It could have been coincidence, but I don’t think so.

I liked the fact that the book was short and stuck to the point. Turns out it had everything I needed. I had to re- read it to make sure I remembered things properly before starting treatment but since it was short, that was no trouble.  I followed her advice to the letter only adding one thing: alpha lipoic acid.

I added it because the first time I read it I thought it likely that mastitis sounded very much like a stye, usually starting when the body was fighting allergies, and if so alpha lipoic acid is very helpful for allergies.

One thing she says in the book is that if you have mastitis instead of a blocked milk duct you will know. The first time I read the book this sort of annoyed me because I clearly did not know. After having mastitis I now understand. Mastitis is awful and uncomfortable and very very distinctive.

I would highly recommend this book for any nursing mother.

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