Artichokes and Pesticides

I went to Costco today and they had artichokes. Big bags of four.  Both my parents and I love artichokes and I had fantasies of us eating them together this weekend. I threw them in the cart, but on the way home I suffered buyers remorse. They weren’t organic. My mom gets migraines when she eats pesticides.

When I got home I went to Google my old friend, looked it up, and found this:

The first bit I read made me sad, they said that artichokes are usually fairly heavily sprayed. But then I read:

“Since 2000, all artichokes from Ocean Mist, reportedly the country’s largest commercial grower of artichokes, have been certified by NutriClean, a third party certification program for pesticide-free residue.  Although not  certified organic, Ocean Mist is transitioning from conventional to organic methods (including 350 acres of organic artichokes in operation), as described on its website.”

I went to my fridge looked at the bag and miraculously I had bought Ocean Mist artichokes!  So all ended well.


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