My name is Celina Thomas. I live in Pullman, Washington and I’ve known about my oil intolerance/oil allergy since 2011.  You can read about how I discovered it here. I’ve been surprised over the past few years how many other people have similar issues with processed oils. It’s been nice to know I’m not the only one.

I’m currently writing a pamphlet for kindle about how to avoid processed oils.  It has everything I wish I had known about how to avoid oils all in one convenient place.  If you are interested in knowing when that is coming out sign up for an e-mail here.

I try and write a new post on Mondays, although sometimes my health prevents me. Mostly I post about writing and living with an oil intolerance. Living oil free isn’t easy but it is possible. Hopefully my experiences will help other people avoid some of the mistakes I have made.


3 Responses to About

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Celina,
    I had a Cyrex test show CANOLA OLEOSIN as an issue for me. I haven’t seen the dr yet to get an explanation.
    Do you know what that is?
    Thanks, I love all the info on your site. Sad to read about coconut oil. I use it everyday topically, and as a hair treatment a few times a month.
    What are your thoughts on using essential oils for aromatherapy, topically, diffused, and internally?

    • So glad you found my site! You’ll have to confirm it with your doctor but I would imagine that CANOLA OLEOSIN is the protein found in canola plants.They call it rape seed in the UK.
      I would hope that coconut oil is not an issue for you. If it turns out to be, you could try straight coconut milk for your hair. I use it and honey as a pre conditioner very successfully. You might also see if making your own coconut oil at home works for you. There are some very simple recipes on WikiHow. Hope you find out what works for you.

  2. abdulmalik usman says:

    We share same quality Celina, just that I eat palm oil with out issues, but vegetable oil is my worse hit, your article was really helpful to me. Thanks much.

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